General Conditions

General Conditions Diner à Point


Due to the personal and substantive nature of the work, Diner à Point reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without giving any reason without accepting any liability for it. You can think of force majeure due to illness or an accident by the contractor or his immediate family. Or for example, a heavy storm (code red) could be a reason for this.

The chance of not being able to deliver (last minute) is extremely small. If this ever happens then I will do my utmost to find a suitable alternative. If for “private reasons” I do not deliver, you have the opportunity to make a “similar” reservation within 6 months at a 50% reduced rate and between 6 and 12 months with a 25% discount. If I do not deliver due to force majeure outside private circumstances, this offer is subject to 25 and 12.5% ​​discount respectively.

Diner à Point only delivers “ground floor”. If your dinner takes place on the first floor or higher or in a cellar then there must be a lift or a suitable goods lift on site. Ongoing transport of goods will not be possible via the stairs, given the nature of the work and the vulnerability of goods and products.

Parking costs incurred by à Point are charged separately.

Menus and dishes are always indicative and are always subject to the market supply and creativity of the Chef. Major changes will always be communicated to the client as soon as possible. No rights can be derived from the delivered goods other than legal liability. Customer satisfaction and my responsibility are paramount for me, so you should not have to worry about this.


50% Deposit no later than 2 weeks before delivery. This deposit also applies to the confirmation of the general terms and conditions. The remaining amount plus any additional costs must be paid in cash or by bank transfer on the day of delivery.


You can always cancel a reservation. Within 24 hours before the agreed delivery you pay 80% of the agreed price, between 24 and 48 hours in advance you pay 60% of the agreed price, between 48 and 96 hours 40%, 5 to 7 days in advance 20%. If you cancel more than a week in advance it is free of charge.

Minimum spending:

Diner à Point applies a minimum spending of 500 euro’s. Diner à Point serves parties larger than 12 people in consultation.

With some reservations, a time limit for delivery will be agreed. If the customer departs from this then an additional charge will be calculated on the basis of a previously agreed hourly rate. Diner à Point reserves the right, unless expressly agreed otherwise, to deviate from agreed times in connection with the nature of the work.


Damage to your table, chairs, carpet and other directly present items on and around the dinner table and in the room where the dinner takes place, Diner à Point does not accept any liability. The reason for this is the nature of the activities and the consumption of food and drink during these activities. Of course I always work very carefully and any risks will be limited as much as possible.

For any other damage caused by the “normal” execution of the activities of Diner à Point I accept only 50% liability. Of course, this does not apply if there were gross negligence and / or unmistakable culpable behaviour.

Diner à Point delivers a completely covered table. Apart from the table and chairs, except for consultation and mutual approval, no personal items from the client will be used or on the table. Own table decoration by client can exceptionally in consultation after permission of contractor. Safety and the careful and efficient execution of the work are the reason for this. For damage caused by “normal” use to everything on the table (all property of Diner à Point / contractor), Diner à Point accepts liability because this is seen as the contractor’s own use. An accidentally broken glass or plate will therefore not be invoiced to the client.


If you (and / or your guests) are dissatisfied with the delivered services and are reasonably right in doing so, a discount on the agreed total amount will be given in consultation. This discount will normally be between 5 and 20% and will never exceed 50%.

Of course, Diner à Point takes 100% responsibility for food safety and working according to HACCP/ food safety standards.

Dutch law:

In addition to the points mentioned above, Dutch law and mutually expected reasonableness apply to every agreement.

If there is a suspicion that illegal activities are taking place at the place of delivery or if criminal offenses are committed, the Contractor will, without exception, report this to a Confidential or Justice.

If something out of all the above is not or not entirely clear, you must submit a written explanation for this before making the down payment, so that you agree with the conditions.